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Workplace Transport Risk Assessment Training

Course Duration: 30+ minutes

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Workplace Transport Safety Risk Assessment

£25.00 +VAT

This online training course provides an awareness of the risk assessment process for workplace transport. Moving vehicles are one of the most common causes of fatal accidents in the UK each year. Understanding how to conduct risk assessments is vital to preventing such accidents from occurring.

This programme looks at how to evaluate the risks to the health and safety of those on site from mobile equipment and vehicles. Whether workplace transport is operated by employees, employers, visitors or the self-employed, they must be suitably controlled to reduce the risk.

Course Outline

This workplace transport safety risk assessment course covers the following sections:

  • Understanding risk assessments
  • Step 1: Look for the hazards
  • Step 2: Decide who might be harmed & how
  • Step 3: Evaluate risk & decide on precautions
  • Step 4: Record your findings
  • Step 5: Review your assessment
  • Making improvement

Learning Outcomes of Workplace Transport Risk Assessment Training 

By taking this online training, users will have a greater awareness of:

  • Main principles of undertaking a workplace transport risk assessment
  • Range of common hazards and the process of undertaking a risk assessment
  • Principles of risk control in this area, which, if implemented can help to ensure safe workplace transport systems

Why Workplace Transport Risk Assessment Training Course is Vital

Each year, between 33 and 51 people are killed in workplace transport-related accidents, more than 1,000 major injuries occur, and about 5,000 other injuries are reported, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

A vast majority of these workplace transportation accidents involve injuries from being struck or run over by moving vehicles, falling from a vehicle due to load or having a vehicle overturn. Most of these accidents are preventable because they often occur due to poor design or poor traffic management systems.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure that their workforce is safe and secure whilst working, and should examine their worksites for any risks.

Benefits of Workplace Transport Safety Course

  • IIRSM approved course content and certification
  • Helps in controlling workplace transport issues
  • Helps to undertake a suitable workplace transport risk assessment to reduce risks
  • Interactive and engaging course content
  • Mini quizzes to help retention

Course Details

Study length30+ minutes
Approval bodyIIRSM Approved
Target audienceAll staff members – awareness
FormatOne interactive module with an end of course test
AssessmentOnline multiple-choice test
CertificationOnline certificate issued immediately on course completion
Certification validity duration 3 years

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