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Violence and Aggression Training

Course Name: Violence and Aggression at Work – What Everyone Needs to Know

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Violence and Aggression at Work – What Everyone Needs to Know

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This violence and aggression at work online training course gives guidance about the prevention, control, and de-escalation of aggressive and potentially violent situations.

Workplace violence includes “any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work” as per Health and Safety Executive.

Verbal abuse and threats are more common in the workplace than physical attacks. While these type of incidents cannot always be predicted, they can be prepared for. Anyone at risk of exposure needs to be prepared to handle them to minimise the risk themselves and others.

Why this Violence and Aggression Training is Vital

If there is a risk of violence and aggression happening in your work premises, this hazard must be minimised. Those particularly at risk include those with public facing roles and lone workers.

Violence and aggression can lead to difficulty with retaining competent staff and recruitment of new staff. For employees, these incidents can lead to stress, pain, and disability or worse.

Employers are legally obligated to control violence and aggression in the workplace where there is a risk of it occurring. Providing an adequate level of  training and putting in place a violence and aggression at work policy to protect employee safety are essential risk controls.

Objectives of this Violence and Aggression at Work Online Course

This online training course aims to enable workers to use a variety of practical techniques to prevent, control, and de-escalate aggressive or violent situations at work.


It is basic awareness training and requires no prior subject knowledge or previous prior course certification.

Course Content

Contents of Violence & Aggression at Work – What Everyone Needs to Know

This Violence and Aggression training course comprises the following sections:

  • Early Warning Signs
  • What To Do
  • How to Control Your Reaction
  • How to De-escalate Aggression

Who this Violence and Aggression at Work Course is for

This managing violence and aggression training course is intended for anyone who is at risk of experiencing violence and aggression whilst carrying out their work duties.

Learning Outcomes of Violence and Aggression at Work – What Everyone Needs to Know

Participants will develop a clearer understanding of:

  • Early warning signs of violence and aggression
  • Appropriate actions to take when you suspect you are at risk
  • How to control personal reactions to violence and aggression
  • Proven methods to manage and de-escalate violence and aggression in the workplace

Why Choose Human Focus for this Violence and Aggression at Work Training?

Choosing Human Focus for this health and safety at work e-learning course offers the following benefits:

  • RoSPA assured
  • High-quality video content with clear voice-over
  • Demonstrates compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Short, informative, and interactive content
  • Mini interactive quizzes to support retention

Course Format

  • 100% online course
  • Approximately 20+ minutes in length
  • End of course knowledge test


A RoSPA assured certificate issued by Human Focus to trainees upon completion of the training course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should aggression be handled in the workplace?

Violence and aggression can escalate rapidly, so one must remain aware of early warning signals. When dealing with a situation, one must act defensively and immediately to maintain safety.

Maintaining professionalism and empathy in such a situation can be sufficient to de-escalate tensions. Reactive behavior or speech can sometimes make things worse, so training can help both employers and employees better handle violent or aggressive situations. While staying mindful of physical surroundings, such as escape routes, and locked doors, workers confronted with these situations should use proven de-escalation techniques when possible. If a situation appears to be unavoidable, people should make sure to have a clear line to the nearest exit.

What are the four types of workplace violence?

Workplace violence falls into the following four main categories according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH):

  1. Criminal Intent

Criminal intent describes situations in which those unrelated to the business cause disturbances in the workplace, often with a goal of robbery, shoplifting, or act of terrorism.

  1. Customer/Client

Sometimes customers or clients can become violent when they are at the workplace. The available tools to deal with this situation differ from the others.

  1. Worker on Worker

Employees who display aggressive and intimidating behaviour at work and threaten or attack other employees should be handled according to legal and organisational rules.

  1. Personal Relationship

Sometimes violence can come from a source with a personal relationship with one of the employees. This includes victims of domestic violence or stalking.

What are the signs of a toxic workplace?

On the employee side, toxic workplaces can be cliquish, or employees can feel isolated or excluded from other employees for a variety of reasons, including job performance.

Unreasonable management can also contribute to the toxicity of a workplace by failing to provide positive feedback or recognition, especially when workers are placed in demanding circumstances.

Product Details

Study length20+ minutes
Approval bodyRoSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Target AudienceAll Staff Members – Awareness Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately on Course Completion

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