Social Media and Mental Health

Course Name: Mental Health Resilience – Social Media and Interaction For Better Mental Health

Course Duration: 30+ minutes

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Mental Health Resilience – Social Interaction Training

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This social media and interaction for better mental health online course explains different ways that social media reduces the quality of life. It looks at how real social interactions are essential and ways to cut down on social media and reduce its negative impact.

Research now clearly shows a connection between use of social media and poor mental health. Whilst online social networking tools have become a part of our lives and businesses, its important to recognise how it affects how we think and feel.

Course Content

Mental Health Resilience – Social Media & Interaction for Better Mental Health

This online training course comprises the following sections:

  • Your Elephant & Its Herd
  • Social Traps
  • How Social Comparisons can Trick Your Elephant
  • Five Hazards of Social Media that Negatively Affect Mental Health
  • How Social Media is Addictive
  • How Social Media Promotes Fear and Anxiety
  • How Social Media is Socially Isolating
  • How Social Media Disrupts Sleep
  • How Social Media Encourages Trolling
  • Positive Steps to Action

Learning Outcomes of Social Media & Interaction for Better Mental Health Course

Users who complete this online training course will gain a greater awareness of:

  • How social relationships support good mental health
  • Potential traps that need to be aware of to protect mental health
  • How social comparisons can trick your brain and lower your self esteem
  • Common hazards of social media
  • Negative effects of social media on mental health
  • Importance of face-to-face social interaction for a long, healthy and happy life

Why Social Media & Interaction for Better Mental Health Course is Vital

Whilst we need social media for many interactions in the modern world, its important to understand how it affects us and what we can do to limit the consequences.

Many reports have connected social media use with negative consequences to wellbeing. People who use social media for more than three hours on daily basis are more likely to experience mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts, as per a recent survey.

Social media addiction and problematic social media use, sometimes referred to as social network syndrome, includes symptoms such as adding unknown people to social media accounts, spending significant time on social media, feeling anxious when social media interactions are not responded to and a constant urge to check social media.

Benefits of Social Media & Mental Health Course?

The online course on social media and mental health comes with the following benefits:

  • CPD certified
  • Supports better workplace wellbeing
  • Helps build a positive occupational culture of mental health
  • Content is concise and easy to understand
  • Effortlessly assign and track trainees’ records

Course Details

Study length30+ minutes
Approval bodyCPD Certified
Target AudienceAll Staff Members - Intermediate Level
FormatInteractive video with end of course test questions
AssessmentOnline multiple choice test
CertificationOnline certificate issued immediately on course completion

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