Objective Setting Training

Course Name: SMART Objective Setting

This objective setting training course is designed to help both managers and employees create achievable professional and personal goals. Goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and within a Time Frame) help to ensure success by progressing in small increments towards a larger vision. The SMART goals methodology is an easy concept to understand but hard to master.

The Course Includes:

Comprehensive yet concise explanation

Certificate on completion

Simple login & user access

The latest industry best practice

Learning Outcomes:

Identify the benefits of SMART objectives

Understand how SMART objectives can be applied in the real word Create SMART goals for personal and professional use

Gain awareness of how to successfully utilise SMART goals

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SMART Objective Setting

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About Objective Setting Training

All too often we can set a goal to achieve, but fail to follow through with it. Why is this? Well, perhaps we didn’t have a clear understanding of what the goal was from the start. Maybe it was due to a lack of resources or clear time frame. Or maybe along the way of achieving the goal, we realised it was no longer in line with our broader objectives.

The SMART objectives setting course demonstrates how to create goals that suit us personally and professionally. And it looks out how to ensure they are not just within your reach, but that you are able to see your progress and adjust your vision along the way.

The SMART objectives concept is based around five key principles. Your objectives should be:

  • Specific – Clearly defining what you want to achieve
  • Measurable – having some quantifiable measure of progress or success
  • Achievable – Within your reach
  • Relevant – In line with your larger goals. And have a clear
  • Time Frame – Allowing you to see progress along your way to completion

Why Is Objective Setting Training Important?

Those who find success are those who are able to set and achieve goals. Doing so helps to ensure we aren’t just going through the motions of life – living without forethought. It makes us consider who we want to be, what we want to achieve and why.

Personally and professionally being on a path to achieving SMART objectives can also be incredibly motivating. It is satisfying to know that you are going somewhere. And even if there are set backs, you have a larger purpose in mind. SMART objectives give you a long-view of where you are going, with the bonus of short-term motivation.

Course Outline

Single Module

30+ minutes

This course contains the following sections:

  • What Is SMART?
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time Frame
  • Tips for Success

Why Choose Objective Setting Training with Human Focus?

Study any time & in bite-size sessions

Less costly than a classroom training

Discounts on volume purchases

Excellent trainee support

Helps to boost morale and motivation

Helps to engage staff in the workplace and their professional lives

Aligns employees and managers with the organisational vision

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Objective Setting Certification

smart objective setting training certificate

End of Course Assessment

At the end of the course, users must complete an end of course assessment before earning their certification.

The end of course test is:

  • 100% online
  • Multiple choice

A score of 80% is required to pass the test.

Approved Certification

The downloadable printable certificate certified by CPD will be issued instantly on course completion.

What does my certificate include?

The objective setting training certificate includes Trainee’s name, Company name, Course name, Date of completion, Expiry date and name of the approval body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Objective-Setting Training course gives you the skills to set realistic and achievable goals. Having smart and attainable objectives helps you make consistent progress towards your desired outcomes.

The acronym SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. SMART goal setting approach ensures goals are clear, actionable and aligned with broader objectives. 

Our training programme equips participants with the skills to set SMART goals for sustained growth and success.

Goals are broad, long-term aims that define what an organisation or individual hopes to achieve. They provide overall direction and purpose. 

Objectives are the steps or actions taken to achieve these goals. They’re short-term and specific, often with set timelines and success criteria.

Setting objectives at work provides clarity and direction, which helps your employees understand their duties and priorities. It also promotes a sense of purpose and achievement to motivate employees. Furthermore, individual objectives let you benchmark employees’ performance and reveal strengths and shortcomings in your operations.

Objective Setting Training is a single module and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Yes. Every Human Focus course gives you a certificate to prove your completion of the training programme and knowledge of the subject. Certificates are instantly available for downloading and printing after successfully completing the course. 

Yes. We offer customisable training for organisations that want to tailor the learning material to their specific needs and objectives.

All Human Focus courses are accredited by an independent body to guarantee quality and accuracy. This course is certified by CPD (the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service).

Absolutely. You can explore the e-learning platform, get course previews and see how easy online training can be. Speak to one of our sales team or click here to arrange your free trial of our Objective Setting Training course.