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Noise at Work Courses

Human Focus is a leading provider of online training courses including noise awareness courses, training thousands of workers every year. We are offering:

Noise Risk Assessment

5+ minutes course
Aimed at all Staff Members – Awareness Level

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Hearing Conservation Training

20+ minutes course
Aimed at all Staff Members – Awareness Level

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This online noise awareness training course educate employees about the high noise level risks. Also, the training highlights control measures and roles of workers for protecting their self-hearing ability.

According to an estimate, 17,000 people in the UK lost their hearing ability, due to excessive noise at work.

The noise at work regulations impose a duty on employers to protect their workers from exposure to high levels of noise. Thus save them from hearing loss. Under this regulation, employers need to ensure that legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded.

This noise awareness eLearning training help organisations to implement their legal obligations.

Learning Outcomes of Noise at Work Training

At the end of this noise awareness course, learners will understand:

  • About the danger of high levels of noise at industrial workplaces
  • How to access high noise risks at work
  • How to adopt safety measures for protecting self-hearing system
  • Correct usage of hearing protection safety signs

Noise Awareness Training Target Audience

This online course approved by IIRSM is ideally suited for:

  • Industrial workers, globally, who have to work with noisy equipment, in a noisy environment

Any Prerequisites?

This noise at work online training course requires:

  • No Prior Knowledge
  • No Previous Certification

Organisational Benefits of this Noise Awareness Training for Employees

Noise exposures eLearning courses will help your organisation to:

  • Cut Training Cost- Save time away from work and travelling expense
  • Comply with Regulations- Noise awareness training helps to comply with noise at work regulations
  • Save Time- Unlike classroom training, this course is available to everyone anytime, anywhere
  • Improve Reputation-By developing safety culture among workers; company can build an excellent reputation, globally


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