Mental Health First Aid Training

Course Name: Mental Health First Aid

Our Mental Health First Aid training course equips select employees with the knowledge they need to provide mental health support within their organisation. Like regular first aid for physical injuries,  mental health first aid is designed to offer help and support those suffering from a mental health issue, large or small.

Having a trained mental health first aider on site can go far in helping to identify and alleviate the risks of mental health issues in the workplace. This mental health first aid course includes a theoretical as well as a practical assessment task users complete online. To find out more see End of Course Assessment below.

The Course Includes:

Comprehensive yet concise explanation

Certificate on completion

Simple login & user access

The latest industry best practice

Learning Outcomes:

Understand what is meant by well-being and mental health in the workplace

Learn the aims of mental health first aid

Identify what is meant by the mental health continuum

Understand common mental health conditions and risk factors

Understand the role of the mental health first aider

Gain awareness of common treatments and interventions

Identify sources of reliable information and support for first aiders

Gain better understanding of mental health first aid through case studies

Learn how to support anyone showing signs or symptoms of a mental health issue

This training course is certified by:

Mental Health First Aid Training

£295.00 +VAT

Courses Price per Course
1 - 5 £295.00
6 - 10 £275.00
11 - 20 £250.00

About Mental Health First Aid Online Training

A mental health first aider may simply provide someone with an ear to listen when they are feeling stressed. But they also are trained to spot the signs of more severe issues and crises.

Having someone trained in mental health first aid in the workplace can go far in supporting a positive culture of mental health. It also contributes in supporting employee health and well-being which can be beneficial for both their personal and professional improvement.

Our mental health first aider course provides an understanding of various types of mental ill health and potential signs that someone is suffering. It then works through the steps of offering help to that individual. This may range from simply listening to them discuss what’s bothering them, to encouraging them to look after themselves or speak to their GP, to responding to a potential suicide risk.

Why Is Mental Health First Aid Important?

Mental health and well-being issues are a problem not just in workplaces, but across the UK. On average, around 1 in 4 people experience some form of mental health problem on a yearly basis, according to Mental Health First Aid (MFHA) England.

Studies also reveal that nearly one in seven experience mental health problems in the workplace, while around 13% of all sickness absence is due to mental health issues. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are also still being felt, as more and more young workers report feeling anxious – highlighting the necessity for youth mental health first aid.

This course helps workers seek help and encourages them to focus on their mental well-being. It is important to gain awareness of the issues and approach such situations with caution and sensitivity. It also helps learn the mental health first aider responsibilities and how to identify various types of mental ill health.

Course Outline

Five Modules

Approximately 8 hours

This course contains the following modules:

  • What is Mental Health First Aid?
  • Why Do We Need Mental Health First Aid?
  • The Mental Health Continuum
  • Mental Health Resilience
  • The Mental Health Stigma
  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Other Anxiety Disorders
  • Self-harm
  • Psychosis
  • Substance Abuse
  • Other Risk Factors
  • Treatment
  • Approach
  • Assess
  • Decide on Urgency
  • Urgent Actions for Self-harm & Suicide
  • Panic Attacks, Trauma & Severe Psychotic States
  • Non-urgent Warning Signs
  • Listen
  • Provide Support
  • Encourage Getting Help
  • Encourage Good Mental Health Habits
  • Immediate Supports
  • Communication Aspects
  • How You Act
  • Listening Skills
  • How You Speak
  • Communication Barriers

In this module, learners listen to audio of individuals dealing with a mental health issue to practice assessment. They then listen to a first aider speaking with an individual struggling with an issue and gauge their success.

  • Case Study 01: Elle
  • Case Study 02: Nigel
  • Case Study 03: Steph
  • Case Study 04: Paula
  • Case Study 05: First Aid Interview

Why Choose Mental Health First Aid Training with Human Focus?

Having employees willing and able to provide mental health first aid can encourage others to seek help and support, improving worker health and productivity.

Study any time & in bite-size sessions

Less costly than a classroom training

Discounts on volume purchases

Excellent trainee support

Help guide employees on how to properly bring help to others

Provide support to employees and encourage them to seek assistance

Improve the general health and well-being of workers

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Mental Health First Aid Training Certification

mental health first aid course certificate

End of Course Assessment

To earn their certification, users will complete online theoretical and practical assessments.

The theoretical assessment consists of 24 multiple choice questions based on knowledge learned throughout the course. Users must earn a mark of 80% to pass the test. Two attempts are given.

The practical assessment requires the user to view four case studies of mental health first aid interviews. The users are then asked to answer questions and record a video response to the case studies. All recordings are externally assessed by a qualified mental health nurse.

Both the theoretical and practical assessment are completely online.

Approved Certification

The downloadable printable certificate certified by CPD will be issued instantly on course completion.

What does my certificate include?

The mhfa certificate includes Trainee’s name, Company name, Course name, Date of completion, Expiry date and name of the approval body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The responsibilities of a mental health first aider include:

  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health problems
  • Providing initial support to someone who may be experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Maintaining boundaries and only focusing on guiding the victim toward support and professional help
  • Encouraging those struggling to seek professional help
  • Encouraging habits that promote good mental health
  • Respecting confidentiality

MHFA training is available in person from providers across the UK, as well as online. Our mental health first aid training course  can be taken completely online. The training provides an understanding of common mental health problems and how to identify when someone is struggling. The course then takes you step by step through the process of providing MHFA.

Our assessment presents dialogues of individuals struggling to cope with various mental health related issues and asks users to assess them and recommend support. Upon completing the mental health first aid course, you will be awarded a mental health first aid certification which will assure your competency as a skilled mental health first aider.

Mental health first aid training is not a legal requirement. However, every employer in the UK must control for workplace hazards. It is now largely recognised that issues such as stress, anxiety and depression are now occupational issues. As such, providing trained mental health first aiders is seen as best practice.

Our mental health first aid course cost starts at £295 + VAT. The MHFA course is around 8 hours long, which you can study at any time at your own pace. Additionally, you will be rewarded with a mental health first aid certificate upon completion.