Managing Coronavirus Safely


Managing Coronavirus Safely e-Learning

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is causing a huge impact on our lives and businesses. It will be with us for some considerable time to come. Unfortunately, there is no standard way of controlling coronavirus, therefore there is a need to develop safety measures that are practical and effective for your operation.

HSE has recently published coronavirus advice for employers. They need to ensure that all employees follow the safety precautions against the coronavirus set by the government. Any employer who fails to implement government guidelines in his workplace will have to face legal proceedings.

This coronavirus online course for managers will explore ways to implement government guidelines to manage infection control in various workplaces.

Coronavirus Courses Offered by Human Focus

Human Focus is offering the following coronavirus safety courses under the coronavirus toolkit:

Learning Outcomes of Covid-19 Managing Safely Training

  • Educate trainees about how to perform coronavirus risk assessment in the workplaces
  • Train learners about how to implement different control measures whilst performing day to day activities in the workplaces
  • Help learners how to deal with suspected cases in the working environment, so to minimize the risk of its further spread

Coronavirus Managing Safely Course for Managers by Human Focus

Human Focus is currently offering following programmes regarding Managing Safely Course:

  • Risk Management Principles for Infection Control
  • Implementing Infection Control during Day-to-Day Operations
  • Dealing with Suspected Cases of Infections in the Workplace

Who Should Take Coronavirus Safety Measures Online Course?

This coronavirus online course is ideal for:

  • All Managers of any working environment, worldwide
  • All supervisors of any working environment, worldwide

Why Your Organisation Needs This Coronavirus Safety Course for Managers?

  • Help organisation to comply with legal obligations regarding COVID-19 government guidelines
  • Help company to implement effective business recovery plans
  • Help managers to develop their roles and responsibilities to encounter COVID-19 risks
  • Help workers to return back to work with the right knowledge of coronavirus risk assessment, control measures and precautions

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace

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