Incident Investigation

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Incident Investigation Training Online

This incident investigation online training gives an essential message that mistakes are an inevitable consequence of deeper rooted problems. In effect, most people are set up to have accidents.

In many cases, individuals are blamed for what happened. As a result, very little is learned about how such accidents might be prevented from happening again.

So, this accident and incident investigation training course teaches how accidents happen; how effective investigations get to the root of the problem. It also highlights why root causes are routinely missed during accident investigations.

Accident Investigation Training Benefits

Following are the benefits of this e-Learning programme:

  • Educate learners on how to investigate different accident incidents
  • Teach learners how to investigate the root cause of an accident to prevent its reoccurrence
  • Incident investigation training online offers convenient e-Learning- The mobile app allows learners to take training course anywhere, anytime
  • Effective e-Learning with the help of video/audio content and interactive quizzes
  • RoSPA-approved certification for learners who pass training course successfully

Accident Investigation Training Course Content

The course content of this eLearning programme is as follows:

  • How do accidents happen?
  • Getting to the Root of Problem
  • Why are the root causes routinely missed during accident investigations?

Target Audience

This eLearning course about incident investigation methods have the following intended audience:

  • Health and Safety Officers and Advisors
  • Safety Managers, Representatives and Supervisors
  • Anyone who has given the responsibility to investigate accidents

Accident Investigation Training Courses

Human Focus is offering a list of following courses regarding accident investigations:

Accident and Incident Investigation Training Course Organisational Benefits

This training programme offers the following perks to your organisation:

  • Saves Training Cost– Avoid trainer’s cost and time away from working hours
  • Enhance Compliance- This eLearning system tracks training completion of each trainee and provides compliance proof
  • Saves Time-This incident investigation online course is, unlike classroom training, available to everyone, anywhere and anytime
  • Builds Company Reputation: Improves safety awareness culture within the organisation and build integrity within the global market
  • Improves Productivity: Enhance employees productivity as few hours as a result of incidents
  • Certification– Internationally recognised RoSPA- approved certification for trainees

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace