Highway Code Changes 2022 Training

Course Name: Highway Code Changes 2022 – What You Need to Know

The course informs drivers on the changes to driving legislation introduced in 2022 by the Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). These include changes related to the hierarchy of road users, mobile phone use, operating vehicles around cyclists and parking. Whilst many of these changes should be habits that good drivers already have, it is vital that all occupational drivers are reminded of what these habits are and are on the same page when it comes to safety and the law.

The Course Includes:

Comprehensive yet concise explanation

Certificate on completion

Simple login & user access

The latest industry best practice

Learning Outcomes:

Learn the new hierarchy of road users to keep the roads safe for all

Gain awareness of the new rules for pedestrians at crossings and junctions

Learn the changes to the road rules that relate to cyclists

Learn the changes to road rules in relation to parking

Understand the changes in road rules in respect to mobile phones

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Highway Code Changes 2022 – What You Need to Know

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About Highway Code Changes 2022 Training

The highway code changes introduced in 2022 are designed to make the road safer for everyone. They outline a clear road hierarchy, introduce changes to how drivers should respond to pedestrians and cyclists, and increase restrictions on mobile phone use. Having a clear understanding of these driving techniques will help drivers to drive safely and legally.

Why Is Highway Code Changes 2022 Training Important?

Work-related road accidents are the primary cause of preventable deaths and injuries. It is estimated that a third of all road accidents involve a person who is at work at the time. This accounts for over 20 fatalities and around 200 serious injuries every week as per the Health and Safety Executive.

Employers have a clear responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. Managing occupational road risks compliant to these regulations is a part of their broader management duties.

Course Outline

Single Module

10+ minutes

This course contains the following sections:

  • The Hierarchy of Road Users
  • Enhanced Priorities for Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Parking
  • Mobile Phone Use

Why Choose Highway Code Changes 2022 Training with Human Focus?

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Less costly than a classroom training

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Excellent trainee support

Provide trainees with greater awareness regarding highway rules

Helps to ensure compliance with relevant legislation

Helps to control for the risk of occupational driving accidents

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Highway Code Changes 2022 Training Certification

highway code changes 2022 course certificate

End of Course Assessment

At the end of the course, users must complete an end of course assessment before earning their certification.

The end of course test is:

  • 100% online
  • Multiple choice

A score of 80% is required to pass the test.

Approved Certification

The downloadable printable certificate certified by CPD will be issued instantly on course completion.

What does my certificate include?

The highway code changes 2022 training certificate includes Trainee’s name, Company name, Course name, Date of completion, Expiry date and name of the approval body.

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