Hard Floor Spray Stripping

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Hard Floor Spray Stripping e-Learning Course

This online course looks at the skill of hard floor spray stripping. It examines everything that you need to know to perform this task, such as the equipment, the hazards involved, and the procedure. It provides clear health and safety guidelines for cleaners to help them work without risks to property, themselves, or others.

Hard floor spray stripping is the process of removing all the finish that may be on the floor and refinishing it to return it to a ‘like new’ state. Floor stripping is one of the most labour, chemical, and equipment-intensive tasks for cleaners to undertake. Employers have a legal duty to ensure the health and safety for cleaners and anyone else that may be affected by this type of work.

Human Focus’ Health and Safety for Cleaners Training Courses

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Objectives & Outcomes of Hardwood Floor Spray Course

Upon taking this floor cleaner online course participants will have a clear understanding of the hard floor spray stripping task and how to carry out it efficiently and safely.


This health and safety e-learning is a basic awareness course and requires no previous subject knowledge or course certification to enroll in the programme.

Who is this Hard Floor Training Course for?

This health and safety online training course is ideal for cleaners tasked with stripping for hard floors, as well as anyone that oversees those that do so.

Why Choose Human Focus for Hard Floor Cleaning?

Choosing Human Focus for this hard floor training course gives the following benefits to participants of the course:

  • RoSPA assured
  • Health and Safety compliant
  • Short yet concise content
  • High-quality video
  • Short quizzes to support retention
  • Course certification on successful completion

Course Format

  • Fully online
  • Knowledge test


RoSPA assured certificate issued by Human Focus on passing the end test successfully.

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