Sleep and Fatigue Awareness Training

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Sleep and Fatigue – What Everyone Needs to Know

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This Sleep and Fatigue Awareness Training provides an understanding of the importance of sleep at work and in our lives. Due to shift work, hectic schedules and technology, many of us are not getting adequate rest each night. Over time this lost sleep accumulates and becomes chronic fatigue.

Research has shown that lack of sleep is a significant hazard and contributor to human error, ill-health and injuries as well as decreased productivity. It is estimated that fatigue is responsible for some 20% of work-related accidents, costing the UK around £115-240 million every year.

This highlights the importance of fatigue awareness in the workplace and makes it vital for employers to take whatever steps possible for managing chronic fatigue at work.

Course Content

Sleep & Fatigue Awareness – What Everyone Needs to Know

This health and safety online training covers the following sections:

  • What is Fatigue?
  • The Effects of Poor Sleep
  • How Sleep Works
  • Why we Worry Late at Night
  • What a Good Night’s Sleep can do for You
  • Meeting Your own Sleep Needs
  • Tips for Better Sleeping

Learning Outcomes

By taking this course, users will have a greater awareness of:

  • What fatigue is
  • The effects of poor sleep
  • How sleep works
  • Tips for better sleeping
  • The benefits of sleeping well

Why Sleep & Fatigue Awareness Course is Vital

Fatigue has a significant impact on both the quality of our lives and our ability to do our jobs. Lack of sleep increases the likelihood of poor mental health and stress and anxiety. A fatigued employee will be less alert, will have slower reaction times, and have less interest in work in contrast to other colleagues who are not fatigued.

More than 3.5 million people in the UK are shift employees and is estimated that poorly designed shift working arrangements and management can result in fatigue which in turn is a major reason for work-related accidents alone.

Employers have a legal duty to take the necessary measures to reduce fatigue at work. This makes it vital for both employers and their staff to develop an understanding of this issue at work and this can be done with appropriate fatigue awareness training.

Benefits of Sleep and Fatigue Awareness Training

Choosing Human Focus for this e-learning course offers the following benefits to the trainees:

  • CPD certified training content and certification
  • Supports compliance with Health & Safety at Work regulations
  • Helps to improve workplace wellbeing
  • Easy to understand course content
  • Mini interactive quizzes to support retention

Course Details

Study length30+ minutes
Approval bodyCPD - Continuing Professional Development
Target AudienceAll Staff Members – Awareness Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately on Course Completion
Certification Validity Duration3 Years

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