Confined Space Working

Human Focus offers the following e-learning courses regarding confined spaces:

Confined Space Training

25+ minutes course
Aimed at All Staff Members – Awareness level

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Confined Space Risk Assessment

10+ minutes course
Aimed at All Staff Members – Awareness level

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Every year, many workers lose their lives whilst working in confined spaces. These spaces are dangerous places to work with. So, it’s essential to raise awareness about what confined spaces are and emergency procedures and safety principles of working in confined spaces.

During this confined space entry training online, delegates will learn what confined spaces are, and their associated hazards. Also, the course highlights how to conduct a pre-work risk assessment, different safety measures, and an understanding of emergency procedures.

Warning: This confined space entry course does NOT qualify you to work in confined spaces. It is only intended to make you aware of the hazards of working in confined spaces and general safety principles.

If you work in confined spaces you may require additional, more specialist training.

Learning Outcomes of Confined Space Training Online

Delegates will develop skills to:

  • Identify confined spaces in workplace environments
  • Understand the common hazards associated with confined spaces
  • Understand pre-work risk assessments
  • Understand emergency procedure principles

Target Audience of Working in Confined Spaces e-Learning Course

This confined space entry awareness course is suitable for everyone who needs to operate in confined spaces, including:

  • All Employees, encountering confined spaces in the workplace
  • Managers and Supervisors arranging work in confined spaces

Confined spaces training is suitable for raising awareness for those working in:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Facilities Management
  • Construction

Any Prerequisites?

This working in confined spaces training online requires:

  • No Prior Knowledge
  • No Previous Certification

Organisational Benefits of Working in Confined Spaces Training

These confined space entry courses can help your organisation in the following ways:

  • Cut Training Cost
    Avoid paying fees to trainers, save time away from work and travelling cost to reach classrooms
  • Strengthen Compliance
    eLearning system helps to maintain training completion of each trainee, thus providing compliance evidence
  • Save Time
    Confined space awareness training online is, unlike classroom training, accessible to everyone anytime, anywhere
  • Construct Reputation
    Introduce safety awareness culture within the company, thus helps in building a positive reputation of the organisation in the global market
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