Bespoke e-Learning

A simple online system that enables you to convert your
documents and presentations into interactive e-Learning courses.

Why opt for bespoke e-Learning?

As an e-learning company, we don’t just provide high quality off-the-shelf health & safety courses, we also support you in building your own interactive content. For training solutions to have real results in the workplace, they must be specific to your needs and designed to build skills and change behaviour in practice. This is why Bespoke e-Learning content that is relevant to your business is so vital.

Our content builder tool allows you to upload images, videos, documents and presentations as you create your custom e-learning course, storing everything in one place. Our content tool provides you with a management system designed to minimise the need for multiple applications and folders.

Our Bespoke e-learning solutions will help you to achieve the results you need to keep your workers healthy and safe, maintain compliance and lower costs. With the Human Focus easy-to-use course creator, upload and drag and drop interface, bespoke e-learning has never been easier.

Content Builder

A simple system to publish your own e-Learning courses

Enable colleagues to share their knowledge
Publish your documents online
Automatically verify learning
Post classroom courses online
Easily manage records

Human Focus Content Builder – The best investment for clients, says RJ Lifts

Content Builder App

Online authoring tool enables you to easily post and publish documents online as interactive e-Learning courses.

Create tailored e-learning courses yourself with the help of our ready-to-go templates or work with our team to create bespoke e-learning solutions. You can create as much custom e-learning content as you require and add them to your subscribed Human Focus e-learning library.

Capture Videos

Content Builder Video app to film and edit videos.

3D Video Animations

Get a 3D animated video created to insert into your presentations and compliance e-learning courses. This e-learning tool is ideal for recreating accidents and near misses in your organisation.

Create Presentations

Content Builder PowerPoint Toolkit to help create engaging presentations.

PowerPoint Production Toolkit

An organisation can easily create presentation slides as shown in the images with the help of training provided in Toolkit use. Alternatively, Human Focus International can also produce such presentation slides for you! The PowerPoint Toolkit provides a wide range of workplace backgrounds, workers, equipment and signs.

Post Documents

Publish your documents online as an e-Learning course using the Content Builder app.

The Benefits of Content Builder

Improve compliance

Transform policy into short online learning programmes and
automatically track who has read and understood them

Raise safety standards

Highlight issues specific to organisations
such as accident case studies and risk controls

Improve task-specific training

Go beyond inconsistent word-of-mouth instruction to
consistent online learning specific to each task

Enhance learning from accidents

Publish short reports of accidents and near misses to
highlight operational improvements

Capture critical knowledge

Enable colleagues to easily contribute their task
specific learning to training programmes

Implement compliant standards e.g. ISO 45001

A key aspect of numerous international standards is the effective
documentation and communication for your operational systems –
Content Builder tool can make this process far easier and more effective

3 Levels of Content Support Service

To help you create engaging learning content to publish via Content Builder we offer three support services.

Self-help Service

We provide you with full training and tools to enable you to post your learning content online

Assisted Service

You produce your own learning content with assistance from our team of learning production specialists

Bespoke Service

We will handle all aspects of creating and publishing your learning content online

Content Builder and Support Services Pricing

Content Builder App

£45 – £10

+ VAT per trainee per annum
(unlimited usage during subscription period)

Support Services

Training course

Learn to build engaging content online

PowerPoint Production Toolkit

Ready-to-go templates

Video App

Create and edit videos

Administration Support

Publish documents for e-Learning courses

3D Video Animations

Illustrate 3D content for better engagement

£500 per animation
Content Production

Human Focus created customised courses

£45 per PPT Slide
+VAT per annum
Price dependent on project Price dependent on project

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace

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