Accident & Near Miss Reporting | Webinar by Ian Pemberton

See how the world’s leading organisations use accident and incident reporting to transform their safety culture
This Webinar will explore case studies and the latest evidence-based research that highlights the following problems:

Why many organisations struggle to get their employees to report accidents and incidents and what you can do to significantly promote better reporting

How a lack of competency in accident and near miss investigations leads to a poor understanding of the underlying causes and strategies you can use for improved analysis

How organisations fail to use accident and incident information to help the employees improve performance on the job and simple techniques for promoting learning in your organisation

This webinar will provide you with practical and actionable guidance on:

The 9 evidence-based principles of effective accident and incident reporting which world leading organisations use to transform their safety culture

Case studies that demonstrate how leading organisations use accident and incident reporting learning and improved on the job performance

An overview of the latest evidence based best practice guidance which will help you benchmark your organisation’s accident and incident reporting system

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