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Human Focus’ Latest Content Builder Update

content builder

Human Focus’ self-authoring content builder enables you to convert your own training materials and documentation into e-Learning content & e-Checklists quickly and easily.

Our content specialists are readily available to show you how it’s done. It only takes a few minutes to start turning your own resources and to powerful digital tools.

What’s the cost?

For a low-cost annual fee, you can upload as much content as you want and create an unlimited number of online training courses and e-checklistsContact us for details!

How does Content Builder Work?

Content Builder is simple to use. If you have training materials or documents in PowerPoint, PDF, or MP4 video you are pretty much ready to go. Otherwise, we can assist you in converting them. . Once your materials are ready, they can be published onto our system and be instantly made available to your workforce.


You can assign access to items via desktop or dedicated mobile app, then monitor and track compliance with the help of a powerful online training matrix.  

Benefits of Human Focus Content Builder Module

  • Boosts compliance
  • Raises safety standards
  • Supports task-specific training
  • Enhances learning from accidents
  • Captures critical operational knowledge
  • Helps implement international standards, such as ISO 45001

What if I already have an e-Checklist System in place?

If you are already subscribed to another system, such as iAuditor or Yellow Jacket, then simply avail our e-learning component of the content builder. 


You will find that our e-Checklists are lower cost and easier to use than the competition. And the benefits of having your training, records, and documentation on a single system, all in one place, are countless.

Human Focus Now Includes IIRSM approved Courses

Human Focus Now Includes IIRSM approved Courses!

Human Focus has added the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM) to its panel of external professional approval bodies. Courses approved by IIRSM must go through a strict vetting process to ensure they meet the organisation’s high standards.

The addition of IIRSM is part of an ongoing expansion of our approval panel. We recognise that different professional bodies bring different types of expertise to the table. Working with authorities from different areas is part of our commitment to the ongoing improvement of our training content.

With over 8,000 members globally, IIRSM is a charity specialising in risk and health and safety management. IIRSM believes in driving positive change for both organisational and employee wellbeing. IIRSM does this by striving for excellence in risk disciplines including: environmental management; health and safety;  security; auditing;  and many other business risk topics.

For our clients, this means that you can now demonstrate an even higher standard of qualifications to your workforce. It also means that you can access a course library approved by an unprecedented range of leading professional authorities in health, safety, environment and human resources.

Human Focus offers a diverse library of training materials covering over 150 different areas. Our courses are approved by IOSH, RoSPA, UKATA, IATP, ProQual and now IIRSM.

Human Focus Exciting Offer on IOSH Safety Training Course for Executives & Directors

iosh sed

Regular Price: £175 + VAT per trainee

Special Offer: £125 + VAT per trainee – Offer valid from 12 April to 18 April 2021

Prices vary depending on dates & ongoing offers. Contact Us for details.

The IOSH Safety Executives and Directors is a market-leading course that provides a thorough understanding of the health and safety responsibilities of upper management. This course outlines key areas such as legal duties, leading from the top, what control measures must be in place, and how to build a proactive health and safety system.

Guided learning time: 6 hours

This health and safety online course offers the flexibility to stop and pick up study whenever it’s convenient. HD quality video, a virtual tutor to support learning and an IOSH-certificate make this course an excellent investment.

Structure of IOSH Safety Training Course for Executives & Directors

The training consists of a theory module and an end-of-course practical project.


The course comprises five modules:

The Moral, Legal & Financial Case

This module examines the high costs, legal implications, and moral consequences of failing to prioritise health and safety from the top.


This module explains how to put in place a health and safety policy, an organisational system to identify risks, and the need for systems for employee consultation.


This module explores the significance and means of effective communication in all directions across an organisation. It also examines the importance of engaging the employees, meeting health and safety standards, and the provision of health and safety training for employees.


This module takes a look at the health and safety auditing and monitoring process. It also highlights proactive and reactive reporting measures and provides information on how to obtain adequate management information for the organisation.


This module highlights the key elements required to establish high standards of corporate governance. It also explores the need for continual improvement in health and safety standards.


The end-of-course assessment asks learners to use their understanding of the course content and apply it to their roles and organisations. This involves creating a clear action plan addressing your health and safety needs and outlining the steps necessary to implement. Practical assessments will be reviewed by health and safety professionals.

New webinar: Empower Your Workforce to Prevent Accidents and Saves Lives

I am very excited to be working with PIDG to help improve health and safety on major infrastructure development projects around the world. PIDG’s purpose is to combat poverty in the poorest and most fragile countries through pioneering infrastructure to help economies grow and change people’s lives.
Cameron Bain, PIDG HSES/ESG Director, is undertaking ground breaking work to improve the health and safety of local contractors employed to build life changing projects such the delivery of clean water supplies and sustainable energy generation.
I am supporting Cameron’s work by delivering a webinar titled: “Empower Your Workforce to Prevent Accidents and Saves Lives” which will run on the 28th April, 2021.  It will have a particular focus on the training needs of local workers operating in some of the world’s most challenging workplaces.
If you are involved in health and safety of infrastructure development projects aimed at combating poverty – please get in touch.

Human Focus Special Offer on Mental Health First Aid Level 2 Award


Regular Price: £395+ VAT per trainee

Special offer: £225+ VAT per trainee (Offer expiry – Sunday 4th April 2021)

Prices may vary depending upon dates and ongoing offers. Contact us for more details.

This mental health first aid level 2 award provides delegates a deep understanding of mental health, associated issues, disorders, and the roles and responsibilities of mental health first aider to maintain good mental health conditions of employees at work.

Who Needs To Take This Qualification?

This ProQual accredited online qualification is for any business sector employees who are nominated as mental health first aider.

Course Content of Mental Health First Aid Level 2 Award

Module 1 – What is Mental Health?

  • What is meant by mental health and wellbeing?
  • The basic aims of mental health first aid
  • How the actions of others can affect the mental health condition
  • What is the mental health continuum?

Module 2 – Mental health Conditions and Disorders

  • The symptoms of mental health disorders including:
    • Depression
    • Substance misuse
    • Addiction
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Self-harm
    • Suicide
    • Eating disorders
    • Personality disorders
    • Psychotic disorders
  • Risk factors for the mental health disorders

Module 3 – Role of Mental Health First Aider

  • The strengths of a mental health first aider
  • Common treatments for managing mental ill-health
  • How the mental health first aider can support individuals facing mental health problems
  • Reliable Sources of information and guidance for mental health first aiders
  • Strategies that can minimise the risk of mental health issues arising

Human Focus Special Offer On Mental Health Resilience Online Course

Human Focus special offer on Mental Health Resilience Online Course

Regular Price: £25+ VAT per module  

Special offer: £60+ VAT all four modules

Prices may vary depending upon dates & on-going offers. Contact us for details.

Mental health resilience is a four-part course which explores every day factors that have a profound effect on how we think and feel. The course introduces keystone habits which support a more satisfied and more productive work and personal life.

Benefits of This Training Course

  • Provides compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Promotes a culture supportive of positive mental health
  • Provides an easy framework for understanding and discussing mental health
  • Encourages habits that support mental health resilience
  • Highly engaging and interactive video based online course
  • Remote and self-paced learning that allows delegates to review the content at their convenience

Details of the Training Modules

Mind Management Techniques

  • How the human mind works?
  • The elephant and rider – a metaphor for how mind works
  • Explains why it’s difficult to build good habits
  • Explores various brain training techniques for enhancing mental resilience

Social Interaction & Social Media

  • Explores how social traps negatively impact mental health
  • Explores five mental health hazards on social media:
    • Addiction
    • Fear & anxiety
    • Social isolation
    • Disturbed sleep
    • Bullying & trolling
  • Looks at ways improve social interaction to promote better mental health resilience

Sleep & Fatigue

  • Sleep and its link to metal health
  • Negative impact of poor sleep and fatigue on mental health
  • Positive impact of good night’s sleep on human mental health
  • Practical tips to get good sleep


  • How exercise supports our brains
  • How unhealthy routines negatively impact mental health
  • How to benefit from being more active
  • Ways that anybody can get more exercise

Human Focus Special Offer on Asbestos Duty to Manage –Approved e-Learning & Management App

Special Offer on Asbestos Duty to Manage

Human Focus Special Offer on Asbestos Duty to Manage –Approved e-Learning & Management App

Regular Price: Duty to Manage Course £150 + VAT / e-Checklist £45 + VAT

Special Offer: £99 total + VAT – offer valid from 15 March to 21 March 2021

The prices may vary depending upon the dates and on-going offers! Contact Us for details.

IATP Asbestos Duty to Manage

  • Provides duty holders and appointed persons with a clear understanding of their legal duties and how to maintain compliance
  • Gives a clear outline of the steps involved in the duty to manage process
  • Outlines how to conduct assessment surveys, asbestos risk assessments, and determine necessary actions
  • Guides through the creation of an ongoing asbestos management plan and an asbestos report

Course Content of Asbestos Duty to Manage Training

  • Module 1 – Asbestos Legislation
  • Module 2 – Duty to Manage in Non-Domestic Premises
  • Module 3 – Asbestos Surveys
  • Module 4 – Asbestos Risk Assessment
  • Module 5 – Managing Asbestos in Non-Domestic Premises

Objectives of Asbestos Management e-Checklist

  • The Duty to Manage e-checklist walks through the necessary steps of asbestos management to ensure thorough implementation
  • Records of the duty to manage process are automatically saved on the Human Focus system to demonstrate compliance and facilitate ongoing asbestos management

UKATA Asbestos Awareness E-learning Course – Special Offer

ukata asbestos awareness course-human focus

Human Focus Special Offer on UKATA Asbestos Awareness E-learning Course

Regular Price: £29.95 + VAT per trainee

Special Offer: £19.95 + VAT per trainee – Offer valid from 8 March till 14 March 2021

Prices may vary depending on dates and on-going offers. Contact Us for more details.

Course Objectives

Developed in conjunction with UKATA, our asbestos awareness online course allows delegates to:

  • Demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation
  • Protect themselves and others from the dangers of asbestos
  • Recognise the health risks of asbestos
  • Identify what asbestos looks like and where it may be present
  • Understand how to ascertain if asbestos is present
  • Know what to do, if an asbestos incident occurs

UKATA Asbestos Awareness Course Content

The UKATA Asbestos awareness online course has the following modules:

  • Module 1- Asbestos Use & Likely Locations of ACMs
  • Module 2- Asbestos Risks
  • Module 3- Entry Routes & Health Effects
  • Module 4- Asbestos Legislation
  • Module 5- Emergency Procedures

Human Focus Content Builder

The Human Focus content builder allows anybody working in a training capacity to create and manage their own e-learning content. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to easily convert existing training materials, such as training videos, risk assessments, method statements, and presentations, into your own online courses.

The content builder stores all your materials in one place and offers a management system designed to facilitate online training. This gives staff access to everything they need to know, anytime.

Content Builder Benefits

  • Improves compliance
  • Helps learn from accidents and near misses
  • Supports relevant, work-specific training
  • Ensures you are meeting standards, such as ISO 45001

A Vital Webinar on Health and Safety Management

Workplace safety training and behavioural change have been Ian Pemberton’s passion for over 15 years. In this free webinar, he combines this experience and the latest research to demonstrate simple changes that can lead to practical improvements for your staff.

This webinar will answer questions such as:

  • Why do organisations with the greatest number of near misses have the best safety performance?
  • What you need to know about human factors to boost your own performance?
  • How can you break through barriers to achieving a better health and safety record?
  • How to ensure you are learning from accidents and incidents to improve on health and safety?