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How Long is IOSH Managing Safely Valid?

how long is iosh managing safely valid

The Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH) Managing Safely course is an industry-standard for line managers, supervisors, executives, or anyone that oversees others in the workplace.

This internationally recognised programme has helped some of the world’s largest companies, improve on health and safety. But it is beneficial for organisations of any size.

If you have earned an IOSH Managing Safely certificate you are aware of the many practical benefits that this course offers. It touches on a wide range of vital information, such as the legislation managers need to be aware of, how to operate a health and safety management system, and how to get staff involved in the process.

As the course points out, the management of health and safety is not a one off. It’s an ongoing process. For this reason, it’s essential that IOSH Managing Safely is regularly refreshed.

Regularly refreshing IOSH managing safely will help you to ensure that you are keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date. As the risks and hazards in your organisation continue to change, so must you in order to ensure you are doing your part.

The Value of a Manging Safely Certificate

Completing an IOSH certificate is a great achievement for health and safety professionals. IOSH is a leading chartered professional group that promotes the interests of people in charge of health and safety in the workplace. IOSH includes over 47,000 members from over 130 countries.

Receiving an IOSH certificate allows those who manage a team to meet their responsibilities for health and safety at work based on an internationally recognised training programme.

There are many providers of the IOSH Managing Safely Course available. Health and safety experts can attend an IOSH course in-person. These courses generally last one day, but can take up to five days. Alternatively, there are many IOSH-course-accredited online. Human Focus offers a range of IOSH content for frontline workers, managers, and upper management.

It depends on you and your company’s needs as to whether you attend an IOSH course in person or online. Almost all IOSH courses award attendees with certificates after successfully completing the knowledge test.

How Long Before You Need to Renew IOSH Managing Safely?

As a rule, once you have received an IOSH certificate from an in-person course or an IOSH Managing Safely e-learning course, it will never expire and will be valid indefinitely from the date of issue.

However, IOSH requires certificate holders to attend a refresher course every three years.

Why Is It Important to Keep IOSH Managing Safely Knowledge Up to Date?

As mentioned, the management of health and safety is an ongoing process. Consider how many aspects of your organisation will change in a few years’ time. You will likely have new faces around the workplace. There may be new equipment or premises to consider, as well as new working methods.

You should also consider developments outside of your organisation, such as changes in the industry. Along with these changes, there will also be changes to the risks your staff face, as well as the systems you use to control them.

So, it is important that those in charge of health and safety continue developing too. Ensuring that health and safety remains a priority is a continuous process. And you must have the most current skills and knowledge to make it happen.

How to Refresh Your IOSH Managing Safely Knowledge?

IOSH’s Managing Safely Refresher course is specifically designed to help managers and others in charge of workplace health and safety stay up to date. The course complements the foundation of knowledge gained in IOSH Managing Safely. It is also quicker and more cost-effective in comparison to repeating the entire Managing Safely course.

This IOSH Managing Safely refresher course can usually take six hours to one day to complete. Participation is necessary after every three years, though this is not mandatory. Nevertheless, refresher training is highly recommended by industry professionals, as it is the best way to keep abreast of new regulations, systems, and best practices.

Benefits of Taking IOSH Managing Safely Course

Taking an IOSH Managing Safely e-learning course or the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher provides you and your workplace with a host of professional benefits. Five of the best benefits of completing an IOSH Managing Safely Course are:

  • Improved productivity thanks to a reduction in hours lost to sickness and accidents
  • Enhanced safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures across the organisation
  • Active staff engagement and willingness to better workplace conditions
  • Managers and supervisors receive an internationally recognised certification
  • Trusted reputation and perception across the supply chain and among partners

Many companies rely on the globally respected and certificated IOSH Managing Safely course as their essential health and safety training for staff and the basis for creating a safe working environment.

After successfully completing the course, certificate holders can be confident in their ability to assess and control the hazards and risks in the workplace. They will also be more motivated to improve their working environment.

Start Your IOSH Managing Safely Course Today

You can start an IOSH Managing Safely or Managing Safely Refresher course immediately. Human focus provides the following IOSH-accredited courses:

Once started, participants have six months to complete the course. Although fully online, participants can rely on a remote human tutor in case they have questions or require extra support. The tutor is available via email.

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