International Travel Safety – Preparation & Planning

international travel safety

Online Travel Safety Course

This international travel safety training will highlight the preparation and planning necessary to prevent problems from arising when abroad. Anyone travelling on business needs to understand the range of measures that must be taken to ensure they stay safe and healthy.

These measures are often not complicated but do require an awareness of the risks and what steps to take to reduce their chance of occurring. This training course helps to ensure precautions are implemented appropriately and consistently.

International Travel Safety Courses

Human Focus is offering the following e-learning courses under the international travel safety toolkit:

Why this Business Traveller Safety Training is Vital

International business travel can be useful and extremely productive, but there many risks involved. Travelling to foreign country requires employees to navigate possibly unfamiliar customs procedures, cities and challenges.

In addition, they may have less access to the usual resources that they rely upon on a day-to-day basis to conduct work and look after their needs. If problems do occur, they also will not be able to use the usual skills and resources to solve them. The language and bureaucratic systems in place may be completely different.

By ensuring employees know how to plan and prepare for business travel in advance, employers can reduce the risk of incidents occurring. This will protect the health and safety of the travellers and protect the organisation from lost resources and liability risk.

Course Objectives

This online travel safety course explores how you can plan and prepare for international travel for work to prevent problems from arising and how to handle them if they do.


This is a fully online training course that requires no prior subject knowledge or certification to enroll. All that is required is an electronic device and a WiFi connection.

Course Content Business International Travel Online Training

The trainee will explore the following sections in this online course:

  • Initial Arrangements
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Journey Planning
  • Travel Health

Who Should Take this International Travel Safety Online Course?

This travel-safe eLearning course is designed for those who travel abroad for work-related reasons.

Learning Outcomes of Online Travel Safety Course

The trainees will gain an understanding of:

  • Initial arrangements
  • Required documents
  • Precautions for IT equipment
  • Preparing for health care needs before and during an emergency

Benefits of Travel Safety Course eLearning Course

Employer Benefits

  • Improves health and safety culture
  • Compliant with health and safety legislation
  • Protects organisation from costly claims

Employee Benefits

  • Educates how to plan and prepare yourself for international travel
  • Educates about the safety measures to follow in case of an unforeseen event
  • Educates how to plan a road travel plan to ensure security

Why Choose Human Focus for International Traveling for Businesses Course?

Human Focus online travel safety course offers the following benefits:

  • RoSPA assured
  • Compliant with all health and safety legislation
  • Easy tracking of training progress and records
  • Self-paced
  • Comprehensive
  • Accessible from any device

Course Format

Format: Single module 100% online

Course duration: 21+ minutes

Knowledge Test 

The knowledge test is a pass or fail assessment. Users are given two attempts to attain a passing mark of 80%.


On passing the travel safety course end test, RoSPA assured e-certificates will be awarded to the trainees in PDF format. These e-certificates are sent via registered email and are downloadable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to plan for before going abroad for business purposes?

This will vary dependent on your destination and the type of business you are on. However, some common factors to consider include:

  • Research security needs and issues
  • Transport
  • Embassy or Consulate contact
  • Do you need a travel guide?
  • Currency differences
  • Visa requirements
  • How you will get around
  • Language barriers
  • Flight information
  • Alternate itineraries

What IT arrangements you need to plan for the international business tour?

Make sure you back up all computer files onto a separate hard drive so you won’t lose any data if your laptop or handheld device is stolen or broken. Ensure you carefully assess any sensitive data that you may have on a laptop or handheld device, that your device is password-protected and any sensitive data that is there is encrypted.

For further information, on travel precautions necessary, see Human Focus’ International travel security training.

Who is responsible for the safety of employees who are going abroad for business purposes?

Under the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974, employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of employees who travel abroad for work activities. Under this law, employers must give effective education, as well as helping to plan and prepare for any expected or unforeseen circumstances.

What are the safety measures to protect laptops from theft while moving around abroad?

Try to identify situations where an attack is more likely. Avoid carrying your laptop in a bag that is branded as a laptop bag, try and use something that is more discreet. Many experienced laptop users prefer a bag that looks as far removed from a briefcase-style bag as possible.

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