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Manual Handling in Retail Industry

It is an ongoing process to make the workplace safer and the retail industry is no exception. But safety is an employee’s job too and it doesn’t start and finish at work. It’s a lifetime occupation. Many factors outside of the workplace can be as damaging to human back as those that can be encountered during work.

A pain-free and healthy back is well within your capability, but it relies on commitment. It’s up to employees to follow the training at work and to adopt healthy postures.

This online course explores how the human back functions, how it can be damaged, and ways in which back injuries and accidents can be avoided.

Manual Handling Online Training Courses

Human Focus is currently offering the following online courses under the manual handling toolkit:

Why This Training on Manual Handling Procedures in Retail Industry is Vital

Back pain, in particular, chronic lower back pain is a common ailment among the retail workforce. The back issues among such workers are caused by sprains, strains, and incorrect posture problems rather than spinal damage or other health issues.

Every year more than 12 million working days are lost in the UK as a result of this ailment. To save the economy from great loss each year, employers are made responsible to protect the workers from the risks of injuries including back pain problems.

The Management Of Health And Safety At Work Regulations 1999 and Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 act place duties on employers to protect retail workers from the risk of back pains while working.

Objectives & Learning Outcomes of Online Course on Manual Handling in Retail Industry

The objective of this online course is to help retail employees avoid back injuries by providing them with an understanding of how to prevent these types of injury. The course helps them to recognise how the back can be damaged and precautionary measures to protect the back.


This online training course is basic awareness training and requires no prior subject knowledge or previous prior course certification.

Course Content of This Manual Handling in Retail Industry Training

The users will explore the following sections in this course:

  • Introducing Your Back
  • What Can Go Wrong
  • Avoiding Injury

Who Should Take This Online Course on Health and Safety in the Retail Sector?

This health and safety online training is ideally designed for retail employees, worldwide.

Why Choose Human Focus Course for Manual Handling in the Retail Industry?

Human Focus online course is:

  • IIRSM-approved
  • Video-based
  • No hidden costs
  • Easy-to-use learning management system (LMS)
  • Easy tracking of training records
  • Self-paced

Course Format

Format: 100% online

Course length:  14+ Minutes

  • Single – module
  • Mini-quizzes
  • Knowledge test

Knowledge Test 

The knowledge test is a pass or fail assessment test. It requires trainees to achieve at least an 80% score on the test. They are given two attempts to pass.


On completion of this course, the users will receive IIRSM-approved e-certificates. These certificates are sent in PDF format via registered emails and can be downloaded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who enforces health and safety law in retail?

Health and safety law in the retail industry is enforced by the local authorities, as per HSE. This law applies to all businesses, either small or large. Find your local authority here.

What are the potential risks and hazards at a retail store?

The hazards of any work environment will depend on that specific environment and what type of work occurs there. Generally speaking, the retail industry is prone to the following risks:

By identifying these health and safety issues in the retail industry, employers can be better prepared to control them, thus preventing the chances of injuries and accidents to retail employees.

What are the roles of muscles for a healthy back?

Like all joints in your body, movement is achieved by muscles. Muscles work like the guy ropes on a flag pole. If one side is shortened and the other let out, the pole bends. All muscles work in pairs like this. One side pulling the other letting out to provide remarkable control we all have.

Stomach muscles are important to a healthy back. The inward pressure they exert lift and support your spine and helps to ease the load. Well-toned muscles are fundamental to a healthy back. When we are fit our muscles support and maintain the three natural curves in the spine and prevent joints from overstretching.

What age is back pain most common?

Most people start experiencing back pain between the ages of 40 – 60. Some people feel back pain symptoms as young as 30 or less.

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