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Manual Handling in Healthcare Training

This manual handling in healthcare online training helps managers and supervisors in the healthcare sector understand the manual handling risks their workers face and how to avoid accidents and injuries. It includes simple steps that can be taken to ensure everyone is working toward better manual handling practices.

Lifting and/or moving tasks are common in the healthcare industry, and therefore present significant injury risks to workers. This course seeks to aid healthcare managers and supervisors as they work to eliminate common manual handling risks for their employees.

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Why is Manual Handling Training in Healthcare Course is Vital

Poor moving or handling practice can lead to manual handling injuries in healthcare workers, such as back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, or inability to work. Employers have a legal and moral obligation to protect employees from the hazards they face. And their managers play a vital role in doing just this.

Managers must ensure that their staff members undertaking such manual handling work receive the appropriate training and information that will prevent such accidents.

Objectives of this Manual Handling in Healthcare Programme

This online training course aims to enable managers and supervisors in the healthcare industry to work with their employees to minimise risk and injury during manual handling activities. Employees should have adequate resources and training, and best practices for safe manual handling should be maintained and encouraged by supervisory staff.

Course Content

Manual Handling in Healthcare – for Managers

This online course explores is broken into three comprehensive sections:

  • What to Look for
  • Providing Feedback
  • Asking Why

Who this Manual Handling in Healthcare Course is for

This online course is intended for anyone responsible for others and their health and safety in the health care sector, this includes employers, managers, or supervisors.

Learning Outcomes of Manual Handling in Healthcare – For Managers

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the main principles of manual handling techniques in healthcare
  • Identify important risk factors in moving and handling tasks
  • Explain the role of management in the creation of a safe work environment
  • Apply practical management methods to reduce the risk of injury during handling tasks
  • Implement suitable employee training to reduce the risk of injury during handling tasks

Why Choose Human Focus for Manual Handling in Healthcare – for Managers Course

Choosing Human Focus for this health and safety e-learning course offers the following benefits:

  • RoSPA assured
  • High-quality video content with clear voice-over
  • Supports compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Short, informative, and interactive content
  • Mini interactive quizzes to support retention

Course Format

  • 100% online course
  • Approximately 20+ minutes in length
  • End of course knowledge test


A RoSPA assured certificate issued by Human Focus to trainees upon completion of the training course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is manual handling in healthcare?

Manual handling is transporting a load, lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, or moving, as defined by HSE. For healthcare workers, this involves much more than moving and assisting others.

Back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders account for nearly 40% of all annual sick leave, resulting in costs of around £400 million yearly. Lifting and handling of objects or persons in the healthcare industry is common to many positions, and the use of safe manual handling practices is essential.

Therefore, employers must ensure that those undertaking such moving or lifting work in their organisations or healthcare department receive proper manual handling training and supervisory support.

How often do manual handling injuries occur for healthcare workers?

Healthcare workers are particularly vulnerable to manual handling injuries because they have the key responsibility of heavy lifting. Obsolete moving or lifting techniques can increase the daily risks faced by those performing these tasks.

Some 24.7% of workers report back pain, 22.8% muscular aches, 45.5% feeling exhaustion, and 35% report being required to handle hefty loads during work, according to a recent study.

What are the key principles of safe manual handling?

Safe manual handling involves assessment of the task and the individuals performing it, making a plan according to that assessment, securing one’s grip, maintaining good posture throughout the procedure, and making efficient use of body/load momentum.

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