Laptop Work – For Managers


Laptop Work – For Managers Training Course

This e-learning programme provides managers with the tools to support the health and safety of staff conducting laptop work. Laptops can pose many challenges to the users from a health point of view, mainly due to the range of working environments they are used in.

Laptops, and display screen equipment (DSE) in general, can cause musculoskeletal problems, often linked to repetitive strain and poor posture. In addition, laptop use can negatively impact psychological health, which can further influence physical health, as noted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Managers and supervisors of those working with laptops and DSE have considerable control over the health and safety of the work environment. It is essential that all managers receive the appropriate level of health and safety training.

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Why this Laptop Work Training Course is Vital

Stress, anxiety, or depression, and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for 17.9 million and 8.9 million days lost to work-related ill health, respectively, according to the most recent data from the HSE. Together, this makes them the largest contributor to sickness absence in the UK. Computer-related stress is a significant contributor to both.

According to the official documentation in this area health and safety training for managers and supervisors is essential to ensuring safe work with portable devices.

The modern evidence-based approach is that people’s physical and psychological health are inextricably linked. According to HSE guidance, both mind and body have to be protected in order to work safely and comfortably with laptop computers. Managers must understand their role in ensuring this occurs.

Employers must also meet their legal duties under this legislation that requires them to ensure that they are providing any staff operating this type of equipment with sufficient supervision to conduct their work safely.

Objectives of this Laptop Work for Managers Training Course

The main objective of the Laptop Work – for Managers online training programme is to teach delegates safe computer use while keeping in mind their physical and psychological health. It provides an understanding of working safely and comfortably with laptop computers while keeping both the mind and the body safe.


The laptop work for managers online training programme requires:

  • No prior subject knowledge
  • No course certification requirement

Course Content

Laptop Work – for Managers

Trainees will learn about the following aspects of this training course:

  • Nature of the problem and range of hazards related to working with laptop computers
  • Health and safety issues individuals face while at work
  • Effects of physical and psychological factors on people undertaking laptop work
  • Latest official guidance to help comply with safety issues in this area
  • Best practices to reduce health risks of working with laptops and portable devices

Who this Laptop Work Online Course is for?

This online training course is intended for managers and supervisors of staff who use portable display screen equipment in a workplace or an organisation and is legally responsible to protect their workers from any kind of health hazards these portable devices can pose.

Learning Outcomes of Laptop Work – for Managers e-Learning Course

On completion of this health and safety training for managers and supervisors for laptop work delegates will understand:

  • Hazards related to the use of laptop computers
  • Latest guidance on laptop use
  • How physical and psychological factors affect health and safety
  • Their managerial role in reducing the risks associated with laptop use
  • Risk assessment process for laptop use

Benefits of the Course

Employer Benefits

  • Demonstrates compliance with the relative legislation
  • Ensures proper steps are carried out to eliminate health risks of laptop work
  • Emphasizes the importance of health and safety for managers and supervisors

Employee Benefits

  • Teaches best practices to minimise risk
  • Guides them about the importance of risk assessment to work safely
  • Course certification on successfully passing the training

Why Choose Human Focus for Laptop Work for Managers Training?

Choosing Human Focus for laptop work for managers training provides the following benefits:

  • Instant access to the course via the learning management system (LMS)
  • CPD-approved certification on passing the course successfully
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Short, interactive, and informational course content
  • Short quizzes at the end of each section to enhance trainee’s learning from the course

Course Format

Fully online learners can study on any device

  • CPD-approved certification
  • Course duration – 19+ minutes
  • Interactive quizzes
  • End of course knowledge test

End of Course Assessment

This Display Screen Work – for Managers e-learning course assesses proficiency at course-end with a test. The test is:

  • 100% online
  • Effective – helping learners to recall and retain vital information
  • Recorded to demonstrate compliance


Upon passing the end test successfully the trainees will receive a downloadable CPD-approved certificate via email. Individuals will get a chance to retake the test one-second time if s/he is unable to pass on the first attempt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a laptop stand at work?

Using a laptop stand at work provides a range of benefits. It will elevate your laptop protecting it from spills and dirt, while you work. But more importantly, it can support better posture while working. Ideally, your screen should be positioned slightly below eye level at about 20 inches from your eyes to reduce the strain on your back and neck while you work.

What is the role of a manager in a hybrid working world?

Hybrid working means that some employees work from home or another location while others work from a central office. Individuals see and speak with each other face-to-face much less in hybrid work environments, so managers must plan accordingly.

Managers should assess what tools their staff needs to work on their own. This can include equipment, such as laptops and technical tools. It also includes the systems and support that employees need to be successful working independently. Areas to consider are communication channels, strategic planning, mental health support, and levels of trust and autonomy.

How does working from home affect psychological health?

There are a variety of risks associated with homeworking, including an increased risk of mental health issues. Without social contact, colleagues are in danger of feeling isolated or undervalued. Without face-to-face contact, they are also less likely to raise concerns about any problems they face or ask questions about the work they are doing. This can lead to increased anxiety, stress, or depression. But at the same time, these problems may remain hidden without access to others to discuss their problems with.

It is essential to prioritise the mental health of staff, alongside other organisational priorities. Encourage a culture of positive mental health within your organisation, so that individuals feel comfortable reaching out for help.

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