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International Travel Safety Online Training

This online course about international travel safety provides an understanding of how to travel safely when abroad on business. International business travel presents a variety of risks that can result in lost time and money, as well as endanger the organisation and the travelers themselves.

If your employees are travelling as part of their work, then they must understand the precautions needed to ensure a safe trip. These steps can go a long way to reduce the risks, but only if they are implemented appropriately and consistently.

International Travel Safety Courses

Human Focus is offering the following e-learning courses under the international travel safety toolkit:

Why this Course on International Travel Safety is Vital

Travelling for business is often useful and extremely productive, but there are many risks involved, particularly when travelling about. In a foreign country, you are often unfamiliar with the environment and the language. This can make travellers easy prey for those wishing to steal from or take advantage of them.

In addition, there are the potential obstacles or problems that can arise from flying and travelling about on the business trip, including passing through immigration and navigating foreign networks. Travellers must also be prepared in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that may occur, such as civil unrest or a terrorist attack in the country they have travelled to.

This means that employers must have effective planning and preparation in place, as well as training for their employees to ensure their safety while overseas.

Course Objectives

This international travel safety course will ensure employees travelling on business have the knowledge necessary to stay safe and protect the organisation from liabilities such as data theft and lost time and resources.


This is a fully online training course that requires no prior subject knowledge or certification to enrol. All that is required is an electronic device and a WiFi connection.

Course Content

The delegates will explore the following sections in this travel safe eLearning course:

  • Airline Travel
  • Moving About
  • Terrorist Threats
  • During Your Stay
  • Road Travel – Part 1
  • Road Travel – Part 2
  • Train Travel

Who Should Take this International Travel Safety Online Course?

This online health and safety training is designed for anyone who travels internationally for work purposes.

Learning Outcomes of Online Travel Safety Course

The trainees will learn the following aspects of international safe travelling by the end of this course:

  • Develop an understanding of how to travel internationally with safety
  • Develop a basic understanding of international travel restrictions
  • Learn about precautionary measures to travel safely at the destination
  • Create awareness of how to stay safe while moving around in the destination country
  • Develop an understanding of the basic principles for protection against terrorist threats
  • Create awareness of the tips to follow in case of an emergency
  • Develop an understanding of safe socialising activities
  • Tips for food safety while traveling
  • How to ensure protection against travel scams
  • Create awareness of how to develop a secure road travel plan

Benefits of International Travel Safety Online Training

Employer Benefits

  • Increase international safety knowledge within the organisation
  • Compliant with health and safety law
  • Saves organisation from costly claims

Employee Benefits

  • Educates about how to travel abroad safely
  • Educates about the safety tips to follow in case of an emergency
  • Educates how to develop a secure road travel plan

Why Choose Human Focus for International Travel Safety Online Course?

  • RoSPA assured
  • Clear voiceover
  • Take course anytime, anywhere
  • Compliant with relevant health and safety law
  • Easy-to-use learning management system (LMS)
  • Easy tracking of training records
  • Multiple knowledge test resits

Course Format

Format: 100% online / Single Module / 7 Sections

Course length:  28+ minutes

Knowledge Test 

The end of course knowledge test is a pass or fail assessment. Trainees are given two attempts to score at least 80% on the test to complete the certification.


On completion of this international travel safety course, the delegates will receive RoSPA assured e-certificate. These e-certificate is sent in PDF format and can be downloaded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to ensure protection when on a train travelling overseas?

Well-organised robbery of passengers on trains in certain regions, particularly on popular tourist routes is a common problem. The employees are at greater risk on overnight trains.

It is advised that if their way is being blocked by a stranger and another person is very close to you from behind, move away. This can happen in the corridor of the train or on the platform of the station. Do not accept drinks or food from strangers as thieves have been known to drug them. Another common ploy is to spray sleeping gas into train compartments. So where possible, lock the compartment. If it cannot be locked securely, sleep in shifts with any travelling companions. If that is not possible try to stay awake. If staying awake is difficult, tie down the luggage and secure all valuables.

How can I avoid pick pockets overseas?

Below are the general principles that can help to travel safely overseas.

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid routine or risky areas
  • Follow designated security arrangements
  • Be anonymous

How to protect yourself from COVID-19 when travelling overseas?

There are measures advised by WHO which are effective for everyone on a flight. This includes hand-washing on regular basis, sanitising hands, avoiding touching unnecessary things, and covering any coughs or sneezes. Most importantly wear masks and avoid contacting those who appear to be unwell.

As an employer, sending others on business trip can be essential business, but it’s important to apply a risk assessment. The government website has a list of the countries that you have to isolate from when you get back, as well as the list of those you don’t.

Ensuring that employees are following travel restrictions and, once the app is completely developed and accessible, downloading the IATA Travel App to their phones to be able to safely and securely store and manage their certifications for COVID-19 tests or vaccines.

When travelling overseas you will be more at risk than being at home due to different variants and different restrictions but as long as precautions are in place at all times the risks can be minimised significantly. Ensuring that your employees are wearing masks outside of their small circles and keeping hands washed and sanitised.

How safe is it to fly internationally?

Travelling internationally is key for many businesses, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic many countries have implemented travel bans. Travelling increases the risk of severe illness which is why it’s now recommended to avoid non-essential travel to high-risk areas, these can be found on the government website. If you need to travel as it is essential to your business then you must follow all COVID-19 precautions for safe travelling, and keep a travel map on your person at all times.

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