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Environmental Protection Online Course

This training course examines the steps that office managers need to take to protect the environment. It explores the moral duty, financial necessity, and legal requirement to protect the environment and looks at environmental policies that should be in place.

Employers must take steps to control the impact of their operations. We have a duty to protect our resources and ecology for ourselves and future generations. But it’s not just a moral obligation. It also makes good business sense.

Costs for necessities such as waste handling and energy will continue to rise. Along with this, environmental protection is of increased public and legislative focus. A failure to take appropriate action could result in irreparable damage to an organisation’s reputation, as well as costly fines.

Every organisation should have in place an environmental policy and provide appropriate training to ensure all employees understand these responsibilities.

Environmental Protection Training Courses

Human Focus is currently offering the following courses under the environmental protection toolkit:

Why This Environmental Training is Vital

Worldwide resources are becoming depleted, climate disruption is continuously increasing, and ecological systems are being devastated. Every organisation has a duty to set in place a clear environmental policy and take steps to reduce the impact of their operations on the natural world.

In offices, areas of important focus are reductions of energy use and systems to eliminate or reduce the amount of waste produced. As such, it is essential to provide sufficient training so that everyone understand the systems that are in place and is on the same page when it comes to protecting the environment.

Considering the environmental impact is also a legal duty. The laws that set out responsibilities for protecting the global environment include the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (as amended in 2008) and Environment Act 1995. In addition, The Control of Pollution Act 1974 (as amended in 1989) regulates waste transportation, water pollution, air and noise pollution with fines for non-compliance.

Course Objectives

This course highlights the importance of reducing the environmental impact of work activities. It explores the legislative, financial, and public responsibilities of managers to seek improvements for ecological protection.

The course outlines the relevant environmental policy and legislation that can help to build a sustainable world for future generations.


This online training course requires:

  • No or little prior subject knowledge
  • No course certification

Course Content of Environmental Protection for Office Managers

The trainees will explore the following aspects of environmental protection in this online training:

  • Why is environmental protection important?
  • Our Policy
  • Your Role

Who Needs to Take This Environmental Protection & Management Course

This health and safety online training is designed for all the managers, supervisors, and employers of an office environment who need to understand and control the risks that negatively impact the environment.

Benefits of This Environmental Protection & Management Training

Employer benefits

This course helps employers to:

  • Reduce environmental risks
  • Maximise sustainable opportunities
  • Improve environmental safety culture within the organisation
  • Enhance staff involvement in making workplace environmentally robust
  • Improve company reputation within the global market

Employee benefits

Employers will learn:

  • How the environment can impact them and their organisation
  • How to tackle environmental issues
  • Effective environmental safety and management practices

Why Choose Human Focus for Environmental Management Courses?

Human Focus online training to protect the environment offers the following benefits:

  • RoSPA assured
  • Fully online
  • Compliant with latest health and safety legislations
  • User-friendly learning management system (LMS)
  • Simple to track the delegates’ progress and records
  • No hidden cost
  • 12 months accessibility with multiple assessment opportunities
  • Clear voiceover
  • Fast and effective learning
  • Self-paced learning experience
  • Comprehensive course
  • Works on any device that has access to the internet

Course Format

Format: 100% online

Course duration:  20 + minutes

  • Mini-quizzes to support retention
  • End of course knowledge test

Knowledge Test 

This environmental protection online course concludes with a pass-or-fail assessment. Delegates must score 80% to pass the test. They are given two attempts.


On passing the knowledge test, the trainees will be awarded the internationally recognised certificates approved by RoSPA, in PDF form and printable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can environmental risk be managed?

Environmental risks should be assessed in the same way that you would assess health and safety, through the risk assessment. To do this:

  • Identify all possible ways that your business may harm the environment
  • Determine what level of harm they will cause
  • Evaluate the level of risk and determine ways to reduce that risk to a reasonable level
  • Record the identified results and implement precautionary measures
  • Review your risk assessment on a regular basis

The following important things should be considered while looking for environmental hazards:

  • Waste disposal – make sure proper containers are used which are located away from watercourses
  • Hazardous substances safe storage, usage and disposal
  • Environmental impact of toxic metals and other raw materials
  • Emission of dust and other particles in the air

What do environmental health and safety managers do?

Environmental health and safety managers work with and for the organisation to promote good working practices among employees. Ensuring that the organisation is complying with environmental legislation.

Employers should be aware of the health and safety legislation. Therefore, business owners employ environmental health and safety professionals to achieve the benefits of environmental protection and meeting legal compliance.

What is the importance of the environmental management system?

An environment management system is a framework that helps organisations in achieving environmental goals through consistent review, evolution, and improvements in environmental performance.

This system helps organisations to address their regulatory demand systematically. This approach reduces non-compliance risks and improves health and safety practices for workers and the common public.

Environment management systems also address issues such as energy conservation and promotes solid operational control.

What are the Benefits of the environmental management system?

  • Improves environmental performance
  • Meet compliance
  • Helps in pollution prevention
  • Helps in resource conservation
  • Enhances employee morale
  • Improves organisation image with public, regulators, and investors
  • Improves employee awareness on environmental issues and their responsibilities

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