Coronavirus – How to Stay Safe

coronavirus infection control

How to Stay Safe From Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus outbreak has reached the status of the pandemic, infecting millions of people around the world. Hence, it is important for workplaces and individuals to be proactive and take the best safety precautions against the COVID-19.

Coronavirus safety course by Human Focus explores safety measures against this disease. These measures are just not restricted to one’s personal safety. But also helps to prevent its spread to vulnerable people.

This COVID-19 training course needs careful attention as people’s lives depend on hygiene steps that the course explores.

Coronavirus Cleaning Courses

Human Focus is offering the list of following courses under the coronavirus toolkit:

Benefits of Coronavirus Online Course by Human Focus

  • Helps learners to save themselves and others from coronavirus risk
  • Educates learners on how it spreads and infection risks
  • Educates delegates on the correct procedures if someone gets infected by the coronavirus
  • Develops an understanding among delegates about their roles and responsibilities in the battle against COVID-19
  • Provides key information in a concise manner
  • Video-based content to maintain delegate engagement
  • Accessible to everyone via smartphones and desktops
  • Course duration – 20+ minutes
  • Scored knowledge test to access learner ‘understanding from this curse
  • CPD-approved certificates for all learners who pass the training successfully

COVID-19 Training Course Content

This coronavirus online course educates learners on the following topics:

  • The facts – what we know about the coronavirus
  • How it spreads
  • Infection Risks
  • Safety tips
  • What to do if you become ill?

Who Needs This Coronavirus Awareness Course?

This general awareness course on COVID-19 is suitable for everyone in the workplace.  This course by Human Focus can help you and your employees to stay safe from coronavirus by adopting precautionary measures.

Why Your Organisation Needs This Coronavirus Safety Course?

This online coronavirus safety training:

  • Helps your organisation to prevent the spread of the virus in workplace
  • Help your employees to remain as productive as possible throughout this pandemic condition
  • Help everyone to understand their responsibilities in the fight against coronavirus
  • Help employees to return back to work with a basic understanding of safety precautions against the coronavirus

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace