CDM Management Principles

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CDM Duty holder

This CDM (2015) Management Principles course  is a detailed course aimed at helping duty holders to fulfil their legal responsibilities. The course provides a comprehensive exploration of CDM principles from planning through to the build phase.

A major part of this eLearning course aims to introduce awareness about construction risks. And educates how to mitigate these risks through designing and effective exchange of information.

What are the aims of this CDM (2015) Management eLearning course

  • CDM (2015) Course aims to
  • Illustrate how a CDM project works
  • Demonstrate the roles and responsibilities of all CDM duty holders & how they interact & work together
  • Provide practical guidance for the effective CDM safety management

CDM Management Training Course Target Audience

This course is for delegates undertaking the following roles:

  • CDM duty holders
  • Clients
  • Principal Designers
  • Designers
  • Principal Contractors
  • Contractors

Benefits of CDM Management Course

  • Educate delegates on how CDM project works
  • Teaches delegates how to perform a risk assessment in different phases of the construction project
  • Teaches how to manage and ensure competency in a CDM project
  • Effective learning-Learner can complete the training at his own pace. If understanding is not developed in the first attempt, he can retake the course as well
  • Easily accessible to everyone-Mobile App makes it available anywhere, anytime
  • The course has visual and audio content for making complex subject knowledge easier to grasp
  • Interactive quizzes at the end of each module develop learners interest in the course
  • Scored Knowledge Test after completing all the modules
  • Internationally recognised RoSPA approved certificated for those who pass the training successfully

CDM Principal Designer Training Course Content

This training course has ten modules which cover the following elements:

Module 1 – Introduction to CDM 2015

  • Why is CDM Required?
  • Case Studies
  • Overview of CDM
  • Duty Holders Roles
  • Where CDM Applies
  • Deciding if CDM Applies

Module 2 – How a CDM Project Works

  • Appointment Process of Duty Holders
  • Communication and Corporation Requirements between Duty Holders
  • Notifiable Projects
  • Documentation Requirements- Pre Construction
  • Project Documentation Requirements- Construction Phase Plan
  • Project Documentation Requirements-Health and Safety File

Module 3 – Risk Assessment Process in a Construction Project

  • Risk Assessment Process in Construction
  • Risk Assessment Definitions
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Construction Hazards
  • Risk Control Principles

Module 4- Assessing & Managing Competency in a CDM Project

  • Why Competency is fundamental to Safety
  • Legal Duties
  • The Definition of Competency
  • Assessing Competency
  • Hierarchy of Risk Controls & Competency

Module 5 – Pre-construction Phase Information

  • Gathering Information
  • Health and Safety File
  • Design Drawings
  • RAG Lists

Module 6 – Design Stage Risk Assessment

  • Design Stage Risk Assessment
  • Construction Phase
  • Normal Use Phase
  • Refurbishment & Repair Phase
  • Decommissioning Phase
  • Case Study Part 1- Identify Hazards
  • Case Study Part 2- Estimate Risk
  • Case Study Part 3- Evaluate Risk
  • Case Study Part 4- Records

Module 7 – Construction Phase Plan

  • Project Details
  • Management Structure and Responsibilities
  • Design Change Control Systems
  • Accident and Incident Reporting System
  • Contractor Selection and Control System
  • Site Induction Training System
  • Worker Consultation System
  • Permit to Work System
  • Risk Assessment System
  • Method Statement System
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Health and Safety File-Construction Phase

Module 8 – Construction Plan – Site Health & Safety Arrangements

  • Site Security
  • Welfare Arrangements
  • First Aid
  • Emergency Arrangements
  • Site Rules

Module 9 – Construction Phase Plan – Specific Site Risks

  • Structures, Demolitions and Excavations
  • Energy Distribution Installations
  • Vehicles and Traffic Routes
  • Fire, Flooding and Explosion
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Other Common Risks

Module 10 – Construction Phase Risk Assessment & Method Statements

  • Content of Construction Phase RAMS
  • Role of RAMS at different stages of a project
  • Failure 1- Generic RAMS
  • Failure 2- Risk Controls not implemented
  • Practical Steps for Safety Improvements

Organisational Benefits of CDM Management Principles eLearning Course

  • This training programme will help your organisation to:
    • Save Training Cost 

    Don’t need to pay heavy fees to expert trainers. Also, through online training safe time away from work and travelling cost to reach classrooms

    • Saves Time 

    This eLearning course is unlike classroom courses. Available 24/7 to everyone; anytime and anywhere

    • Improve Reputation 

    Your organisation can build a positive image within the global market by ensuring health and safety culture in its construction projects

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