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How Long Does it Take to Study to Become a Fire Door Inspector?

how to become a fire door inspector

Fire door inspectors carry out on-site inspections of installed fire doors in existing or new buildings. These inspections are a legal requirement that falls under the duties of the responsible person for premises, along with fire risk assessments.

While you can hire external inspectors to conduct these inspections, you can also build skills to do so yourself. Employers and responsible persons can choose different training options, which can allow them to build the competency requirements necessary to conduct fire door inspections.

How You Can Become a Fire Door Inspector?

While there are several fire door inspection courses and approval bodies in the UK, the key requirement to be a fire door inspector is competency. Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 reads:

“A person is to be regarded as competent for the purposes of this article where he has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him properly to assist in undertaking the preventive and protective measures.”

In other words, the law does not require any formal certification or technical background requirement specifically. However, it is clear that you must have a basic understanding of door structures. This includes an intermediate level of knowledge on door frames, hinges, hardware products, door applications, and relevant safety laws.

You must also have adequate experience and training to know what you are doing. But these are things that most of us can attain if we put in the effort.

What are My Training Options?

There are two ways to receive fire door inspection training. Like most training courses, you can avail this training either by being physically present in a classroom environment, or study and give exams through an e-learning platform.

Both online inspection training and classroom, face-to-face, training have their value. Let’s take a look at what each of these training options involve.

Classroom Fire Door Inspection Training

For most first-time learners, getting on-site training is a desirable option. Since this type of training involves practical demonstrations and in-class lectures, they are ideal for new entrants who need to build a solid foundation about the concepts.

The trainings are usually held at various locations around the UK and provide guidance on fire door safety standards, regulations, risk assessments, testing procedures, and fire door structures.

In person training, has the benefit of interacting with a teacher and fellow students face-to-face, which some people prefer.

However, classroom trainings also have some downsides.

Time & Cost

Since training is given at on-site campus locations, there may be limited availability of classroom dates and spaces. There is also the added inconvenience of travelling to the location of the training in terms of time and expense. Like most on-site training courses, the cost of in-person training is generally higher than online options.


Furthermore, the teaching style can vary from one trainer to the other, which means what you get for your money and time can be wildly inconsistent.

Classroom Restraints

You also have a limited time which can stretch thin, especially if other participants have many questions. And when you are in the classroom, you may face difficulty in viewing practical elements in larger classroom settings.

Online Fire Door Inspection Training

Over the years, online health and safety training has established itself as a viable option for building skills and becoming certified in a wide variety of areas. Health and safety training, such as fire door inspection training, can now be taken virtually at whatever location you choose.

Human Focus offers online fire door inspection training to help duty holders and appointed persons in becoming competent fire door inspectors. And if you have reservations about missing out on in-person demonstrations, you may be surprised to learn that online training can provide a more thorough representation of the information.

Content Quality

e-Learning course contents include high quality video lectures, interactive quizzes, and 3D CGI demonstrations to give you a clear view of every aspect of a fire door. You have the opportunity to apply what you learned on a virtual door and complete knowledge checks throughout to confirm your understanding.

RoSPA assured

The online fire door inspection training course that is offered by Human Focus is RoSPA assured. RoSPA is one of the leading Health and Safety bodies in the UK and is focused on providing freedom to enjoy personal choices, health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Here are some of the reasons why becoming a fire door inspector through e-learning can be a faster, more efficient, and feasible option for you.

Standardisation of Content

Online course content has been reviewed by experts and approved by UK’s largest health and safety bodies. It is the same every time. Moreover, numerous previous clients have purchased our course and viewed it. Then given us useful feedback that we have used to make it better.

Whereas in a classroom setting, you do not know what type of instruction you will get. You may be an expert, but can lack presentation skills or simply forget vital information.

Online Records

Unlike classroom sessions, you can review the concepts and sections as many times as you like through our learning management system (LMS). Classroom sessions are generally composed of limited sittings that cannot be reschedule to revise information.

As we mentioned earlier, your certification and the course information is recorded on our digital systems so if you can access them anytime, and anywhere through your smartphone.

Fire Door Inspection e-Checklist

As an added benefit, you also get a free fire door inspection e-checklist from Human Focus to follow through your inspections, validate them, and record all finding. It serves as an essential guide to identify hazards, report them, and initiate corrective measures on the spot.

How Much Time Do You Need to Become a Fire Door Inspector?

The time required to become a fire door inspector depends on the mode of learning, the accredited body certifying the programme, and the course provider you choose. In most cases, on-site training takes around 1-2 days of classroom learning whereas online courses can take 3-4 hours of training.

Online fire door inspection training such as offered by Human Focus requires a minimum of 180 minutes of online learning, which can be taken through desktop, mobile, or tablet devices. Moreover, you do not need to complete the course all at one time. The Human Focus LMS saves all the information on the trainees’ progress, meaning they can resume the course from the point they left it.

However, there is no law that requires responsible person to take any certifications or have technical background. According to The Fire Safety Order 2005, the responsible person should be competent with sufficient knowledge, training and experience to become a fire door inspector.

This does not involve any time limit and you can start inspecting fire doors from the first day of course completion, given you are competent to carry the process.

Modern inspection tools such as e-checklists have also helped in minimising the amount of time required to conduct fire door inspections. These e-checklists allow responsible persons to examine fire door components, check compliance, identify potential hazards, report findings, and record them in the process. The health and safety checklist serves as a highly accurate, fast, and feasible tool in ensuring your fire doors and functionally safe and legally compliant.

Training Through Human Focus

If you are a property owner, belong to an engineering or architecture background, are responsible for construction work, or are a duty holder in the health and safety sector, this course is the pathway towards professional fire door inspection standards required by the law.

Completing Human Focus’ Fire Door Inspection Online Training programme will enable you to ensure the doors you inspect are functional and legally compliant. Click here to learn more about fire door inspection training.

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