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How Long Does It Take to Complete the IOSH Managing Safely Course & What Does the Training Cover?

iosh managing safely training

In order for health and safety systems to be properly implemented, everyone must have the right training to know what they are doing. Managers are no exception. After all, they see how controls are implemented on the front lines and are able to work directly with those at the sharp end. They see what works and what doesn’t.

IOSH Managing Safely is a health and safety course designed by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) to give managers the type of tools they need to effectively manage health and safety. It is an internationally recognised certification and industry standard, when it comes to health and safety training.

This course can bring your managers to the next level. And there are many providers out there offering this course online and face to face.

But before signing up for a Managing Safely course, you may want to know some important details. In this article, we will take a look at why to sign up for training such as Managing Safely, as well as what sort of time investment is involved and what you are going to learn.

Why We Need Health & Safety Training?

Health and safety training has become an integral part of every modern-day workplace. Employers have a duty to provide health and safety information to workers so accidents can be prevented and organisations remain legally compliant. It protects the businesses and the employees alike.

The fundamental purpose of health and safety training is to:

  • Ensure necessary measures are in place to protect the wellbeing your workers
  • Introduce and maintain a positive health and safety culture
  • Discover better ways to manage health and safety
  • Provide systems to monitor and report health and safety performance of employees

Neglecting or avoiding to update your knowledge and training in safety management can lead to severe financial and legal consequences. From 2017 and 2018, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported £15.0 billion in penalties and healthcare expenses as a result of workplace injuries and ill-health cases in the UK.

In addition, according to statistics from the Labour Force Survey, some 581,000 employees sustain workplace injuries at least once in their life. At the same time, an estimated 28.2 million working days were lost between 2017 to 2018 due to workplace injuries and illnesses in the UK. This places an exceptional financial on employers.

Why IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH is an internationally recognised membership-based society for health and safety experts. And their Managing Safely course is one of their most well-known certifications. It allows those who manage a team to effectively meet their legal responsibilities, minimise the risk of accidents, and drive a safe work environment.

It is imperative to develop a robust safety awareness culture within an organisation so workers feel confident, protected, and cared for in their line of work. IOSH Managing Safely is designed to do just this.

Completing the IOSH course makes the person certified and competent to assess, identify, manage, and control hazards that pose a threat to the health and safety of their workforce.

How Long is IOSH Managing Safely

The length of IOSH Managing Safely course depends on the training method and the provider of the programme.

Typically, most institutes that offer classroom learning option claim to cover the course in 3 days. This involves training from a live instructor, video lectures, quizzes, and a practical test at the end. These trainings are conducted on-site and usually at the institute’s campus.

Online training can be taken using a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone device. Human Focus’s IOSH Managing Safely course is a 24-hour training programme that includes interactive quizzes, multiple choice questions, and an end of the course theory test.

You will also be required to complete a practical project to receive the certificate.

What’s Included in IOSH Managing Safely?

IOSH Managing Safely programme is a diverse training that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of health and safety. The theoretical part is divided into 7 modules as follows:

Introducing Managing Safely

The first module starts by exploring the importance of managing health and safety. This is followed by legal, financial, and moral arguments and your responsibilities as a manager.

Assessing Risks

This part covers the need for risk assessments and how to identify hazards in workplace. You also learn how to estimate and evaluate risks, record and review findings.

Controlling Risks

The third module talks about measures you need to consider to reduce risks, the risk controls that are available, and how to utilise them in different work environments.

Understanding Responsibilities

This section educates about the legal requirements, overview of the health and safety legislation, and the levels of statuary duties to ensure proper enforcement.

Understanding Hazards

Understanding Hazards module trains you on how to accurately identify hazards based on their nature, type, and workplace.

Investigating Accidents and Incidents

The sixth module comprehensively explains how accidents happen, how to respond to them, and who should carry investigation.

Measuring Performance

The last part explores reactive and proactive approaches to performance measurement, and how to manage and audit the recordings.

Each of the modules includes an interactive summary giving an overview of the subject. This helps test your knowledge as you progress, both within the programme and at the end.


The assessment for the course is in two parts. The first part is a multiple choice theory test, which covers the essential points taken from the course.

The second part of your end of course assessment is the practical project. You need to score a passing grade in the theory test to unlock this part. This requires the candidates to undertake a risk assessment based on their respective workplace.

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed the project, you must return it via email or post it to your respective IOSH e-Learning institute. The project will be marked, and upon passing, a certificate to your name will be produced and sent to you. This can take up to 30 days from completion.

How Long Does IOSH Managing Safely Certification Remain Valid?

If you are thinking about doing IOSH Managing Safely course, it is essential to take IOSH validity into account. Fortunately, the IOSH Managing Safely course does not have an expiry date. Once you are certified, it will remain infinitely valid from the date of issue.

However, IOSH does recommend you complete their refresher course, IOSH Managing Safely Refresher,  every three years to keep your knowledge up-to-date. This is highly important in today’s era as the hazards within your organisation and work practices evolve continuously.

The refresher course provides an excellent opportunity to refresh the key contents of the programme and update yourself with the latest health and safety management responsibilities, legislation, standards, and practical guidance.

Why Choose Human Focus for IOSH Managing Safely e-Learning Training?

Being IOSH certified is a huge accomplishment that rewards you with great benefits. As one of the UK’s leading health and safety e-learning providers, Human Focus specialises in IOSH training. The record management feature offered by the Human Focus LMS allows easy reporting and record management. The training progress, completion status, and results are stored centrally in the Learning Management System (LMS).

You can access it anytime to check and set training data accordingly. It also provides immediate proof for legal compliance. This is why Human Focus is an excellent option for completing your IOSH safely managing training course.

Our course is IOSH approved and fully compliant with all of UK’s health and safety regulations. The course content is passed through layers of rigorous testing to make it educational, interactive, and comprehensive. This includes high-quality videos, animations, interactive quizzes, and end of course test.

If you need more information regarding IOSH Managing Safely online training course, click here.

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